In Western Greece, there is a mountainous, magical and unique paradise where nature endowed, gives life to everything that surrounds it. Megalo and Mikro Papigo, in 950m and 1050m altitude respectively, is situated built at the foothills of Tymfi, protected by its imposing towers. Papigo, surrounded by unique natural beauty, and extremely rare - flora - fauna - animal kingdom - medicinal herbs and plants. Here stands the Vikos Gorge, the third largest in the world, with 1500 different kinds of herbs. The Cave of the Ewe a particular precipice of 407 meters, one of the biggest depth in the world. One of the two alpine lakes in Greece at 2050 meters, our fabulous Drakolimni. Voidomatis River with its sources is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe, with rare turquoise waters. Papigo presents for many years an impressive - multidimensional - and international recognition for the exterior of the animal kingdom, the geological and priceless cultural value. Being a UNESCO monument as part of Global Geoparks Network, part of the NATURA 2000 network located in the heart of the old National Vikos - Aoou, and newly established Northern Pindos National Park designated as a cultural and architectural monument. A destination of inestimable value for the traveler. Papigo hosts international summer schools for Biology and Geology, business meetings and many cultural events. A beloved place for hikers and nature lovers, for botanists, cavers and people who want to live unique experiences in this admirable Western paradise. Writers, poets, painters, photographers, and artists, find rich sources of inspiration, in Megalo and Mikro Papigo, where they occasionally seek and choose to spend here, some periods of their inspiration. Papigo is a place where one can combine either the same day or to share, if he wants, the period of summer vacation with the perfect combination of mountain and sea. Within walking distance from the magnificent paradise, lie, the beautiful beaches of Igoumenitsa, Preveza, Lefkas, Syvvota and the beautiful Ionian Islands of Corfu, Paxos and Ithaca.

Pantheon (Papigo)

Aris Journey of Flavours