Pantheon (Papigo)

Aris journey of flavors

Located in the center of the village, just before you follow the path to the location Siopoto where Pantheon Hotel is situated. You will find the excellent Aris’s shop! A traditional shop, where you can taste delicious sweets and jams, all handmade! Authentic coffees and teas from herbs, wine with flavors and aromas of the region and excellent tsipouro of our own production! There are flavors and dishes of the day, depending on the traditions prevailing in each separate period of time, as well as exceptionally grilled and spit meat of our production. The service and provision of information on every outing, here is an obligation and pleasure. Also, together with the tasty and sweet paradise flavours in Aris journey of flavors, there is the information center of Geopark - Vikos - Aoos, where you can also drill information about the area.