Pantheon (Papigo)

Activities – Hobbies

Papigo offers the opportunity for all lovers of extreme sports and for people who just want to take pleasure of a unique experience, setting themselves free to enjoy some of the many activities on offer, capable and experienced professionals specializing at them. Such as:
- Rafting and kayaking routes on Voidomatis river, for all ages.
- Tours and horse-riding in the nature around the village, from the well-organized and equipped riding club based in Papigo.
- Guided hiking in the alpine landscape of limestone rocks of Tymfi Mountain and fabulous unique Drakolimni Lake.
- Guided hiking the famous Vikos Gorge, and the rare and unique vegetation.
- Three educational paths to learn about prehistoric hunters and their lifestyle (Path Voidomatis), geological formations (Megalo Papigo Path) and rare birds (Lithari Red Trail).
- Information Center of Northern Pindos National Park in Mikro Papigo WWF
- Geological Information Center for the Geopark Vikos-Aoos Papigo.

General Activities:

- Special celebration of tsipouro, throughout November, culminating in a given weekend, set on a different date every time in November with grilled dishes, traditional music and dance giving the visitor experience of the distillation of tsipouro.
- The weekend of Clean Monday, there is a big bonfire for the carnival with great fiesta which dominates the center of the village with plenty of tsipouro, wine and grilled meat.
- Easter is experienced with intense devotion and respect, in the magnificent church of Saint Vlassis; a church of unique cultural heritage. Specifically, Easter Day, a day of joy, is celebrated with a lot of tsipouro, wine, traditional lambs and goats spits and various other dishes. During the summer months, the area is ideal for hiking, climbing, rappelling and exploring. Also, one can go swimming in the natural pools of Rogovou, which is a fairyland of natural and unique beauty.
- And of course, the weekend 19-21 / 7 the traditional festival of Prophet Elias is annually celebrated in Papigo.
- On July 7 there is a special celebration in Agia Kyriaki mountain following an Orthodox liturgy and a feast with tsipouro and dishes, dancing with clarinets and percussion.
- 26/7 St. Panteleimon’s Day, a very sweet and unique festival is celebrated from morning till night with dancing, singing, tsipouro and savoury in the stunning fountain Avragoniou Mikro Papigo.
- On the days around the 15th of August, the atmosphere in Papigo is festive as the festivals in the surrounding villages of West Zagoria are a lot!
- Paliouria ,as it is called, on 8th September, a great festival takes place at Mikro Papigo for the feast of Virgin Mary. It is celebrated from morning till dawn with dancing –grilled meat –tsipouro - wines.