Pantheon (Papigo)


The road to Papigo is paved and marked with signs. The road signs along the road inform the visitor about the place they are and the one they are heading. In the winter months when there is snow, there is immediate provision of assistance from snow ploughs, so there is no matter of blockade, (as all sectors are sensitized to the smooth operation of the road network given the fact that the area is a tourist attraction).

How to reach Papigo

First you arrive at Ioannina by bus or by car or air. From Athens - Thessaloniki - or the main port of Epirus situated in Igoumenitsa and in some cases from Aktion (Preveza airport). In Ioannina, you are given the opportunity to rent a car for your own transport. There are also bus routes covering the villages of West Zagori, with sparse transport within the week. For the bus routes heading to Papigo, you can inquire at Ioannina bus station!
- Ioannina in 59 km (1h10min ..) is the largest and nearest city to Papigo.
- Pyrrhus Ioannina Airport is 55 km from Papigo (1h.).
- The port of Igoumenitsa is 139 km (1h. 30min.) from Papigo.
- Aktion Airport, located in Preveza is 172 km (2h. 30min.).
- The International Macedonia Airport of Thessaloniki is 342 km from Papigo. (3h. 40min.).
- The second nearby town to Papigo is Konitsa (30min.). In Konitsa there is a Health Care Center –a super market and generally everything that lies behind a small tourist town.
- The nearest point in Papigo for gasoline refueling is Kalpaki in18 km, where there is a super market and an ATM machine for money withdrawal and, Klidonia in 15 km.