Pantheon (Papigo)

Pantheon Hotel

In this dreamy paradise of natural beauty of Papigo, which is a unique travel destination, the traveler has the pleasure and opportunity to enjoy all the beauties of Papigo, through the warmth of exceptional hospitality in Pantheon Hotel. A hotel with an amazing view of the imposing towers of the peak of Astraka. With trees, flowers, and running water to surround its courtyard. Pantheon is a hotel that meets all the amenities in every detail each traveler would like to be given. The nobility of Zagoria culture has been attributed, in detail in Pantheon Hotel. Transforming, thus, in a special way memories of the old aesthetics and lifestyle of people in Megalo Papigo of the West. Pantheon is dominated by traditional and warm colors and unique woven art of Zagoria. In winter, warm atmosphere prevails everywhere while in the summer coolness and tranquility. Rooms are with particularly beautiful view and all have the warmth of the fireplace, which sweetens the moments of the traveler, especially after wandering in nature. Furthermore, there is central heating in all rooms. The cleanliness of the room and the service of the people of Pantheon is remarkable giving serenity and confidence in each case. The excellent tavern of Pantheon Hotel, which anyone could with a fairytale, is always ready to welcome you and you will have the opportunity to enjoy Zagori flavors and homemade recipes using local fresh ingredients of the village and Epirus. Ask them about the beauty of the area, and of how you could see them. They are always there for you and they will ensure a safe and memorable stay.